Mayor's Arts Awards


Mayor’s Arts Award is an award show in Muncie Indiana that honors local and upcoming artists. The award show was rebranded by Studio 165+, a design studio affiliated with Ball State University. Our logo visually references Muncie cultural landmarks. The project consists of identity, promotional, event items, print, and web materials.


Sean Chen, Karissa Place, Anna Weddle, Tia Zook, Natalie Rokosz, Jessica Hord

Primary Identity

Primary Identity

Secondary Identity

Secondary Identity




The shapes in the identity are inspired by the distinct cultural neighborhoods in Muncie, Indiana.

Shape Meanings

Shape Meanings


Case Study


Invitation to the awards informing artists that they have been nominated for one of the categories.


Programs designed for the event.


Event signage


Print assets and templates for the committee paperwork.


Web assets for the event, such as email newsletters.