Branding & Packaging

Wait is a campaign that advocates for more comprehensive, honest sex education in schools. It encourages teaching consent, sexual health, and talking about sexual orientation. The name "Wait" is a tongue in cheek reference to abstinence-only sex education, where the only lesson that students are taught is to wait. Many states still require that abstinence-only sex education be taught, despite the correlation with high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. I chose to approach the project in a way that uses positive reinforcement instead of negative, ie: "yes means yes". Positive reinforcement is more effective at changing behavior, and it makes the subject easier to approach. I chose a bright, colorful brand to draw attention, and visually referenced the psychedelic typography of the 70's in the logo. The condoms are made to be distributed outside health centers and in classrooms. They are packaged individually like matchbooks that bear the logo of the campaign as well as a takeaway message or statistic on the book.