Village Green Records


Village Green Records (VGR) is a colorful, eclectic record store in Muncie, Indiana. I drew inspiration from the clouds and blue sky painted onto the floor of the store and the motion and shape of a record for my design. I made an interactive, playful logo. It is colorful to incorporate the feeling of the store, with bands that recall the image of a rainbow, and the grooves on a record.


Logo Redesign

Logo Orientations

Primary Identity

Primary Identity

Secondary Identity

Secondary Identity

Tertiary Identity

Tertiary Identity


Location Research

As part of the research process I photographed portions of the store to pull colors and graphic elements from. I pulled elements from the eclectic storefront to inform the mood and elements of the design.



Travis Harvey, the owner of Village Green Records, graduated from Ball State for design and has been creating assets for the store since he founded it. It was a pleasure working for a client with a background in design who understood the importance of a solid brand and he was very helpful with the extensive research process.


Logo Animation



When creating merchandise for the beloved Muncie landmark, I kept in mind the ideas of play and experimentation that owner Travis Harvey wanted his customers to experience in the store. I designed materials to reflect the goal of Village Green Records, creating a place where people are encouraged to try music outside of their comfort zone, to experiment.

The business card is interactive. The circular shape uses the tertiary identity so that when is is spun on a record player, the white type blurs and looks like a shiny record.


Harvey has used spray paint and stencils in the past to decorate the store and to make t-shirts and posters. The store itself is decorated with painted stencils, grass on the green ceiling, and clouds on the blue floor– imagery which informed the identity. 

I wanted to keep the DIY punk tradition of the store when I created the merchandise, where the imperfections make the record store feel approachable and eclectic. I kept the origins of the store in mind when designing the t-shirts. The flexibility of spray paint allowed me to experiment and put me in the open to experimentation frame of mind that the store wants customers to embrace.