Open Eyes


Bringing sex trafficking to light.

Open Eyes is an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking escape the cycle and informs the public of warning signs.

The name refers both to opening the eyes of the public to the reality of modern sex slavery, and opening the eyes of survivors to the path to recovery. Open Eyes is also a call to the public, many people are unaware that human trafficking is still an issue. This leads to a lack of support for people being trafficked and a lack of awareness in how to deal with it and support survivors. Open Eyes demands people to look around, understand how your communities are being impacted and get involved.


Logo Orientations



Survivors emphasized feeling a disconnect from their identity while they were being trafficked. My sketches began to play with the whorls of a fingerprint to play with the idea of identity. I tied together the ideas of a fingerprint and an eye to make the connection between survivors of human trafficking regaining control of who they are once they see the way out of their situation.