Hope Village Packaging

Packaging & Illustration

Hope Village is a charitable organization in Somalia that houses refugee women and children in one of the few areas in Somalia without clan violence. The village provides healthcare, nutrition, and education for members, but did not have many job opportunities.

I was approached by a Harvard class called "Building a Business in a Failed State– Somalia" to design packaging labels that could be applied to products manufactured by Hope Village in Malawi. The class was tasked with the problem of making a marketing plan to better sell the products produced by village residents so that the village could support itself economically. Part of their plan was to brand and create attractive labels for the products in English, Arabic, and Somali to reach audiences in Somalia and abroad.


Red Honey


White Honey

Spicy Mango Jam


Other products

During the project, production was expanded to include some non-perishable products such as sandals and baskets. We chose to design labels that were the same size and format to keep costs down.





Colors & Illustrations