Gym App

App & UX Design

I chose to design a simple, fun, gym app that I felt would improve the University by making the gym schedules more accessible and to more clearly advertise the services offered there with an app. The University offers many classes and has a lot of auxiliary resources that many people aren't aware of because the information about them is difficult to locate and not well promoted. Currently, gym schedules are displayed via pdfs that are only easily accessed from a computer. I designed an app that would be simple and clear with schedules, classes, and hours readily available in the users pocket. The app encourages the user to stay active by tracking how much they go to the gym and helping them set and reach goals.


App Screens




Screen Shots

The business card is interactive. The circular shape uses the tertiary identity so that when is is spun on a record player, the white type blurs and looks like a shiny record.