Creative Crosswalks

Identity & Installation

Creative Crosswalks was a project that the city of Muncie started to increase awareness of the different neighborhoods and what they have to offer in Muncie. I was a designer for Riverside Normal City Neighborhood. Working with the neighborhood association, the Ball State Architecture school, and Muncie Arts and Culture Council, we designed a logo and a crosswalk that highlighted the music venues, restaurants, and cultural offerings of the neighborhood. The project consisted of identity design and painted crosswalks in the neighborhood.

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I met once a week with residents from Riverside neighborhood leading up to the installation of the crosswalk to plan and finish the design. We worked together to decide symbolism that we felt reflected the mood of the neighborhood. Riverside is known as a destination in Muncie for people to eat out at one of the many locally owned establishments, and to enjoy the live music and community atmosphere at Be Here Now and Village Green Records. The lines flow in the direction of the foot traffic across the crosswalk. They visually reference White River, which runs through the neighborhood, and also symbolize sound waves to reference the vibrant music scene in the neighborhood.