Hi! My name's Anna Weddle.

I’m a designer with a heavy lean towards branding and illustration. I use design to improve my environment, to communicate with an audience, to bring people together, and to try new things.

I’m a big believer in experimenting with design. I have worked with neon, wood carving, photography, and printmaking (to varying degrees of success). Personal projects are important to both keeping myself busy, and challenging myself.

For the last three years, I have been a Design Specialist at the Digital Corps, collaborating with people from a wide variety of disciplines. I have worked on apps, websites, rebranding efforts, and more with user experience, videographers, developers. In 2017, I became a Junior Project Manager at the Digital Corps, satisfying the part of me that wants to make color coded calendars and to-do lists all night. I am also working as a team lead for Studio 165+, a design studio founded by Shantanu Suman.

I’m finishing up my senior year at Ball State University in Indiana, but after that who knows!

If you’ve got an idea, let's chat: anna.weddle15@gmail.com


Awards & Recognition


  • Extreme Weather Heat Website Student Best in Show (2018)
  • Extreme Weather Heat Website Student Gold in Digital/Interactive (2018)

Packaging of the World Feature

W3 Awards

AIGA Blueridge Flux Awards


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